Breath is like a massage from the inside out.   HP Maine

Together  you help another go into the emotion presenting itself as needing attention and moving through it, find a place of peace, if that is what one desires, at the same time providing a space that  makes  feeling the emotion(s), a safe thing to do.  SK Maine

When I breathe I open to a deeper level in my spiritual connection with God.  BLISS.

I just smile inside and out.   DM Maine

I just had to THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN for the session yesterday. I woke up
this morning (as before going to sleep last night)and was able to connect and
work my breathing energy all the way up and down my body. I also had fun
with the energy of my cobra vibrational energy at the back of my head.
AMAZING just seems to be a paltry word for all that MAGIC.
I feel so blessed and honored that I have you and Chris in my life.  RM Maine

Thank you for last night. It was really wonderful. I had intended to open and receive any healing I needed, I don't even think about my hearing anymore as I'm not convinced the ears can heal at this point - and I've done a lot of really wild things to try. So when
there was such a HUGE impact on the ears I was pretty astounded. No change in the hearing today - I don't expect that, but certainly something was going on. ML Maine

Most profound work I have ever done.    MJ Ohio

I want to thank you for the wonderful experience on Friday night.  I certainly released some stress and my shoulder felt so much better after.  CM Maine

I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me the past couple of months.  I had forgotten how great it is to feel good.  JB Maine

I definitely felt the safe, nurturing “comforter” you wrapped me.  I appreciate the experiential nature of your workshops which was powerfully enhanced by your choice of music - perfect.  AB Ohio

This class can be an excellent way to release emotional stuff locked up or it can be just a good exercise of getting more oxygen...you work at your own level.  NC Maine

I open myself to great emotions...and I feel a shift in my body... the result s of last nights’ breath and your Reiki session.  I feel so blessed to have this life of mine.  DM Maine

Thank you both for helping me to get to a place to be able to welcome a life partner into my (former) armored bubble.  It is an amazing thing to let love in and I wouldn’t be here without you.  JB Maine 

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