Wine Glass

The design is based on the three-part shape of the human finger. The number three is directly connected with the trinity of life (body, mind and soul) and creates a closed cycle of energy. The exterior angle of the TC wine glass corresponds to the tilt of the earth's axis. The form further corresponds to the musical major triad which is also visible in the oxygen molecule.

Overall, the basics of the composition are a response to the principles of nature and thus positively influence the way the flavor unfolds in the TC wine glass. 

The design of the glass intensifies the freshness and the sensory content of the glass thanks to the progressively growing proportions of the waves. This animates the liquids during pouring and drinking.

Calix Red Wine - .5L:  Mouth Blown   $28.95   

Calix White Wine - .4L:  Mouth Blown    $24.95

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