The design of the TC Mythos, as with all TC glassware, is made using the natural law according to the golden mean.  This mathematical model, found almost universally in nature, is often referred to as Sacred geometry.  Using the Mythos cup for drinking water and other liquids increases the biological value and improves flavor.  

The Mythos is specifically designed for intensive use and safety, so it is suitable for children as well as commercial use.  It can not fall over and can take hot beverages like coffee and tea, as well as cold.  It is very practical for everyday use.

Flower of Life Design Options:

   PLATINUM:  Set of Six:   $83.70  

                                        Single Glass:    $13.95

   GOLD:  Set of Six:   $83.70                               

                               Single Glass:    $13.95 

Single glass Choose an option

   WHITE:  Set of Six:    $71.70

                                 Single Glass:    $11.95


Set of six glasses Choose an option

   RAINBOW:  Set of Six:    $71.70                                          

                                        Single Glass:    $11.95

Design       BASIC:  Set of Six:    $53.70

                                Single Glass:   $8.95



Mythos Chakra Glasses:        Set of Seven:    $79.95

Single Chakra Glass Choose an option
Mythos Tumbler Chakra Set

                                               Single Glass:    $11.95                          

The 7 Chakra Glass Colors. 

Red:  Health/Root

Orange:  Harmony/Sacral

Yellow:  Courage/Solar Plexus

Green:  Love/Heart

Blue:  Creativity/Throat

Indigo:  Intuition/Third Eye

Violet:  Wisdom/Crown


3.35/3.35 in

(85/85 mm)

8.5 fl oz


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