Energy Plates


The TC energy plate is a hand polished glass coaster with the Flower of Life symbol emblazoned into the glass in 24ct. gold.  The intention of this piece is to energetically enhance and revitalize whatever is placed on it.  The pleasing hexagonal design complements the golden Flower of Life symbol and aligns the energy plate the with cyclical planetary movements of Earth and Venus.

The Flower of Life symbol has been know and used for millennia in different cultures of the world, including its use with food vitalization and storage.  Now it is available in an easy to use form for household purposes 

This item is not intended for use with hot dishes.

Flower of Life Design Option:

      GOLD:     Small    $21.95       Large    $47.95                    


3.5 in. (9cm)

8.66 in. (22cm)

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