Alladin Carafe 1.3L

The TC ALLADIN carafe is the standard version in the TC carafe range. The variant with the gold logo in the carafe base in particular has remained one of the most popular TC products for many years. The universal design form with its 6-wave structure has been tailored to the natural development of life. And vital water crystallizations exhibit a 6-fold structure and therefore a high degree of vitality. Predecessors in nature can be geometrically/ musically interpreted. The generation of resonance, which pulses in tune with the great cosmic conditions, is the core focus of the TC design. 

The cavity resonance generated by ALLADIN reflects the sound frequency of the note F. This frequency is an information carrier for a vertical energy flow, similar to the energetic motion patterns in trees. It therefore supports a bonding of the various energy potentials (chakras) in human kind.

Flower of Life Design Options:

        PLATINUM: Activates the feelings of self love and self recognition.    $89.95  

      GOLD: 23.8 carat gold element provides energetic support and biological enhancement.   $81.95

      WHITE: Promotes openness and completeness in perception.    $74.95

     RAINBOW: Promotes a happy, life affirming consciousness.    $74.95


     Design           BASIC:  No Flower of life design.        $69.95 



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7.9 /6.3 in

(20/16 cm)

(dimensions without stopper)

Amount of filling:
44 fl oz
(1.3 L)

lead-free glass


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