Transform Your Water, Transform Your Life
With Sacred Geometry Glassware.

This shows a water crystal before being in a TC Energy Design carafe and then after being in a TC Energy Design  carafe for 3 minutes.  More info

Since the body is 70% water, it makes sense that the water we are drinking be as molecularly stable and energetically vital as possible.  So, unless you have a natural spring bubbling up out of the ground in your backyard TC Carafes and glasses are the best and easiest way to accomplish that. 



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      TC Alladin Carafe 1.3L                         Family Carafe 2.3L                                 Beauty Carafe  5L 

                                                                                                                                        Universe Carafe  10L                                                                                                             



             Wine Glass                                          Delicate Carafe .5L                                  Miniverse 150ml



             Air-Ion Sprayer                                Mythos Glass                                        Drinking Glass






                           Wine Carafe                                                                     Cotula Bowls


          Shinno Tea & Coffee Mug                      Lagonea Water Bottle                    Calamus Straw

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