The Energy of Dis-ease

Christopher Easton

If we look at the energy of dis-ease we see energetic movement that is being restricted.  We restrict energetic movement in a variety of ways. 

    Whenever we: 

  • have an awareness and don’t express it.      
  • doubt. 
  • mentally beat ourselves up. 
  • stop our expression.
  • play with polarity, i.e. right/wrong, good/bad, etc.
  • play victim.
  • say it’s not me.  

All of these and a few more are what we use to restrict energetic movement.  When we become aware of a dis-ease in our body our normal reaction is to contract on all levels.  It happens on a physical level as we begin to restrict our movement. Emotionally we contract by limiting our feelings and especially the expression of our feelings around that area.  Mentally we run our normal patterns of denial, i.e., I don’t know what to do. It really isn’t that big of a deal.  I really will deal with this issue tomorrow, etc.  All of these patterns cause an intensification of the dis-ease.  This happens whether the reaction is something minor or something major.

At some point we become aware of something that we are uncomfortable with in our mental or emotional bodies.  If we are willing to express whatever it is we are aware of it would be able to be cleared. The problem is that we know we ought to express what we are aware of moving inside of us, but we don’t.  Let’s imagine this awareness is a ball bouncing  around in our consciousness.  It is bothersome to have this ball bouncing around so we attempt to ignore it.  We find that we can’t ignore it, so we put it in a box in an attempt to hide it from ourselves.  By doing this we think that we don’t have to deal with it.   After awhile we realize that the ball bouncing around in our box is now bigger.  This is starting to really bug us, but we decide we will deal with it at a more appropriate time in the future.  As we decide this, unbeknownst to us the box has gotten a little smaller, as we begin the process of contracting away from the movement.  At this point we believe we have everything under control.  At some point we realize the ball bouncing around in our box is now bigger.  It is really getting hard to ignore, but again we activate our patterns of denial, i.e., It’s no big deal, Nothing is going on, I’m right in doing what I’m doing, It’s not my fault, I’m the victim here, etc.  As we do this there is more contraction in an attempt to get away from the ball bouncing around in our box.  The problem with this strategy is that it only intensifies the movement in the box.  The contraction doesn’t fix the problem so we wrap the box with more denials.  With all of this we have taken something that we had awareness of and pushed it out of our conscious awareness into our unconscious.  This doesn’t make it go away, it just keeps it out of our minds awareness.  The ball in the box is still attempting to get us to acknowledge it and receive it.  

Since the point of initial awareness of the ball we have chosen to deny it’s existence.  So the more we push it down into our unconscious the less likely we will ever bring it up to be cleared through emotional expression.  This means it stays hidden in the unconscious.

Now let’s look at the fact that this doesn’t just happen once, it happens over and over again.  Which means we have quite a few of these balls bouncing around in boxes held in our unconscious waiting to be dealt with.  We always have the opportunity to deal with the boxes.  The issue now is that it tends to be a little more intense than if we had dealt with the first ball at the time we became aware of it.  With the passage of time and the denial we have layered over the box we have forgotten what we put in the box when we first pushed it into our unconscious.  We do believe that there had to be a good reason that we pushed it away, so that means whatever is in that box must be really bad. Since we have decided whatever is in the box is bad we have created a defense to keep us from going there.  So now not only do we have the contracted box with a big ball bouncing around inside, we have it wrapped in denial.  On top of all that we set up a defense to keep us from accessing the box so we don’t have to deal with it.  All the while the ball is still bouncing around in the box waiting for an opening so it can be released / expressed.

Sometimes we relieve some of the pressure by getting angry and raging at someone or something.  But, that gives only temporary relief.   After the outburst subsides we add more denial in the form of guilt or self abuse for lashing out.  We then shore up our defenses in an attempt to not let our anger or rage move again.  This just amps up the pressure in our unconscious and the cycle gets repeated over and over again.  We also attempt to bring our attention to the pressure by to getting sick or injured.  This is the body’s way of drawing our attention to the fact that we have something that we need to deal with now.  In most cases we just do everything to treat the symptoms without looking at what the cause of our dis-ease is.  If we would actually be willing to look below the surface we might see/feel the contraction and allow it to be express.  In most cases this never happens.  Most of us just brush it off as nothing and go on about our lives while the pressure and contraction around the movement in and around our boxes continues.  

Another way that we attempt to bring our denials and contraction to our attention is by seeing it in other people.  This is not a conscious practice with most people.  Most of us believe that what is yours is yours and what is mine is mine.  What we don’t realize is everyone is a mirror showing us what is going on inside of us every moment.  The old adage “If you spot it you got it” holds true here.  The things in other people that really get us are the very things in ourselves we are unwilling to deal with.  This is what we have  buried in ourselves and are guarding from being released.  

We are given numerous opportunities to express. The first point is when we get the mental awareness of something that needs to be expressed. The thought keeps coming back numerous times until we have stuffed it enough that it is pushed out of our minds  The second point is the thought that we push out of the mind shows up as a feeling and we get an emotional awareness.   During these two points of awareness there are multiple times expression can happen. The problem is the longer we put off the expression the harder it becomes to express. So we wait, thinking that we are fine and we have buried our awareness deep enough that it won’t bother us again. The problem with this strategy is expression is going to happen and the last possible avenue left is the physical body. When it is expressed through the body the energy in that box with the ball is now very contracted, with very little visible movement.  This causes the expression to take on a form that we call dis-ease.  This is a big difference from the initial box with the small ball bouncing around in it that could have been dealt with by simply expressing in the moment.

In order to get things to shift, there needs to be space created to allow movement in the box.  This can happen by dealing with what’s in the box as well as all of the beliefs and denials that are wrapped around the box.  What this entails is realizing that the beliefs and denials around the box are just an illusion created by us.  Also, what is in the box is still the same thing that you noticed so long ago that you weren’t willing to deal with.  It is now in a pressurized state so it looks and feels differently from the way it did originally.   If nothing is done, meaning expression in the moment about what truly is, the contraction continues to intensify to the point where everything seems to stop moving.  This is the point when we experience death in the body. 

© Breathe In & Beyond 2015