Letting Go of the Intensity In Your Life

By  Christopher Easton

The intensity of our lives, whether it is emotional, mental, physical or just seen as chaos inside or outside of us is being caused by our contraction around the energy that is now moving within us. We are now being asked to respond differently to the energy then we have in the past.  This involves beginning to relax while creating space within.  By allowing the vibration within us to move with ease there is a lessening of the intensity level that we have spent so much time and energy attempting to control. Let go of your need to understand what is happening. Step outside of your box and see the magic by experiencing the movement in the moment.

There is nothing we can do to stop the movement inside as well as outside of us. Accessing your past experience, as an avenue to understanding, will only create more contraction. We have been attempting to stop or get away from the energetic movement forever and even though we thought it was stopping it really never did.  We have been able to stuff it in the past but that just doesn’t seem to work any more.  The old coping mechanisms are not working the way they use to.  So, as we try to figure out how to deal with the movement the only option we believe we have is to do it the same way we always have. This option,  which is to deny that the energy/vibration is there, doesn’t seem to work very well, if at all.  There is another way, which is to be in reception of what is happening in the moment. You can either be in reception of the movement or be in reaction to it.  Either way it will still be there.  If you choose reception and allow yourself the opportunity to respond in the moment life begins to lose its intensity.  Otherwise, you set up a battle inside, which then shows itself internally as physical and emotional turmoil and in your outside world it appears as reflection of your internal process.

As you go through your day begin to become aware of where you are in reaction, whether it is to another person or a situation.  Are you reacting from a place of  I’ve seen this all before and I know what is going to happen next? If you are, you are missing an opportunity for change.  You might consider looking at every situation/person as brand new in every moment, with limitless possibility.   Most of the time we reference the past and we get exactly what we thought was going to happen.  This usually causes us to feel very right and even though this should make us feel good it only makes the internal turmoil worse.  The reason for this is that in our attempt to reference from the past we are causing the very  energetic contraction which we are trying to stop which then shuts down space so the movement intensifies inside.

If we look at each moment as new and let go of the past we can respond rather than react.  This opens up space inside which allows the movement to vibrate less intensely.  The more we do this the less intense the energy feels.  In order to do this we have to step out of our known structure and begin to play with the unknown. This involves accessing our courage while looking at everything as brand new and respond to the situation/person in the moment.  It also means we have to be willing to drop our need to be right.  

It takes practice to be in the moment. Resist the urge to figure everything out and drop the need to know every outcome.  In reality we have no idea what is going to happen next.  We only pretend we know the outcome. This way we can pretend  we don’t feel out of control and won’t panic.  Which is exactly what we are feeling and pretending we aren’t.

So the next time you find yourself in reaction take five to ten deep breaths and release them with a sigh.  Then courageously step outside of your known and respond in the moment allowing the magic of now to happen. 

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