Developing Your Intuition

By Christopher Easton

Intuition is an innate ability that every person has available to them all of the time.  The problem that most people have is that they have forgotten how to access their intuitive abilities.  A number of reasons we have stopped using our intuition are:

   At an early age we are told it’s not real.

   The information doesn’t make sense to us.

   We are afraid of being wrong.

   We doubt the info that we become  aware of.

   The information goes against what we know or believe.

All of those reasons and any others you might have are only ways of keeping you from accessing your intuition.   In order to develop your intuition you must be willing to step outside of what you know and feel uncomfortable with.  As well as realizing that you might not get the whole picture or all the information at once.  Coming from a point of not using your intuition to one of desiring to access it means you are going to have to deal with the reasons you have not used your intuition to this point. As you work on developing your intuition you will have to access your courage in order to let go of your doubt, your fear of being wrong and all the other things you use to keep yourself from using your intuition.

One of the things about intuition is that the information doesn’t usually come in one big package.  What is meant by this is that you will get inklings or hunches at first. You won’t necessarily have an understanding of what it is you are aware of.  The important thing is to act on the awareness you have in the moment.  In the beginning you need to act on the first piece that you are aware of and then the next piece usually becomes available to you.   So as you start to develop your intuition information will tend to come in little pieces.  It may not make sense at first but as you continue to use it more, more information will come in.  Also, the information may not make sense to you but it might make sense to whomever you are with or talking to.   

As you begin to receive information you will have to use your courage because your awarenesses don’t always mesh with what you know.   You will have to let go of the fear of being wrong , as well as, the need to have instant validation of what it is you are aware of.  It takes courage to step out of your box of KNOWN and allow something different into your awareness.  It will also take courage to express what you are receiving to another person especially if you don’t understand the awareness that you have.  

Intuition is of the Moment for the Moment.  It is not meant to be saved for a more appropriate time or place.  If you have an awareness for yourself or someone else practice by expressing it in the moment.  Allow yourself to stretch beyond your zone of comfortability and open up to the infinite wisdom that is available to you all of the time.

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