Breath, Expression and the Emotional Body

By Christopher and Paula Easton

Receiving the emotional body is a key to assist us with the changes happening in us now. Embodying, expressing and becoming comfortable with the movement of our emotions enables us to move to a deeper level of connection to self.

When we start a breath session, we begin by holding the space open for the group. We start to move the energy within the space. As we work with individuals we build the energy, which assists the individual movement and expression within the group. We use many techniques to encourage individual expression, including physical touch, energy work, breathing methods and our intuition. One of the biggest keys to this whole process is EXPRESSION in whatever form comes in the moment. We approach this area with the attitude that "everything is perfect." Willingness to give oneself permission to express through sound or movement is so important, and can include crying, laughing, coughing, screaming, yelling, toning, growling and such movements as rocking, kicking, pounding, rolling and moving to the music.

Intuitive Breathwork is designed to assist you to open to yourself. Notice when you breathe, where does your breath go in your physical body? What are you aware of? Whenever we suppress our breathing to block emotional movement or trauma, we create anxiety. Breathwork coupled with Intuitive Healing is an avenue to access points held deep within the emotional as well as in the physical body. It helps to vibrate those areas of "lock down" that are desiring  to move. As these locked down areas begin to vibrate, space opens and continues to expand through expression. By becoming aware of the breath and creating a smooth flow using a continuous cycle of diaphragmatic breathing, one begins to bring balance to all aspects of self. 

Everyone has layered enough denial over certain areas of self so that you are able to keep them from your conscious awareness. It is those areas that can be accessed through the breath process. In our work, we notice that the mind works very hard to keep you away from the conscious experience of your emotional body. For example, breathers tend to get caught up with everything and everyone else in the session, rather than being present with themselves in the moment.  They like to compare their experience to other’s, using polarity in the form of "Right/Wrong," or not breathing fully, or by "observing" themselves during the process instead of dropping into the experience. These are all sure ways to remain stuck exactly where you are. In order to create movement in an area, you must be willing to focus on your experience rather than focusing on your denials.

Breath is a powerful tool! Learn to trust your breath. Once you allow yourself the opportunity to let go of your idea of what you think your experience should be, you open space. Using your breath helps lead you into places you have not gone to - inside - in a long time. These are places where you have layered on denial so thick that you believe you have separated out parts of you from you. By using your breath, you can drop deeper into yourself. Allowing yourself to let down your guard (the observer or the director) lets you touch yourself more deeply on an emotional level. This gives you the opportunity to access the unknown of self. 

It has been our experience that the things that people have been hiding and keeping from themselves are never what they think they are. Usually, they believe it is something terrible and horrible. When they are willing to go there and allow things to move, it is a completely different experience than they thought it was going to be. Remember breath is one of your most important tools. The life force that resides in the breath is infinitely wiser than your mind will ever be. Learn to use and trust your breath, and breathe often! 

Christopher and Paula Easton, the creators of Breathe In & Beyond, offer facilitated group Intuitive Breathwork sessions. Christopher is an intuitive healer and channel. Paula is a certified breath facilitator and Reiki Master. They have been working with the human energy system for over 25 years. 


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