Christopher & Paula Easton

Creators of Breathe In & Beyond

                            Paula Easton  

is a certified Breath Facilitator through  the Life Breath Institute.  She has been working with the body’s energy in many forms for over 20 years and has been a Reiki master for over 12 years.  She completed the  ten year school at the Vywamus Foundation and is currently enrolled in the Mastership continuation program. 

She spent 20 years in the natural foods industry as a volunteer, a bookkeeper,  manager and owner of her own health food and supplement store.  She loves assisting people to bring wholeness into their lives through natural, alternative and traditional methods.  She currently trains and consults in customer service and in natural food store resets.  

She loves dancing, movement, walks in the woods and snowshoeing.  She originally participated in Breath training to in her healing work.  She found that Breath is vital in all she does.  BREATH is a Powerful, Magical Tool.   Paula loves teaching and facilitating people in creating what they desire in life.  She loves what Breath brought into her life and  loves sharing it with others.

Christopher Easton

An Intuitive Healer, Channel and Reiki II certified.  Christopher has been consciously working with the body’s energy for most of his life.  He has completed a ten year program with the Vywamus Foundation and is continuing in the Mastership program.  He bridges the male/female gap we have created in our society.  A very gentle and nurturing man who has the ability to cut through the BS to show what is really going on.  

He taught in public schools for eleven years.  Beginning as a physical education teacher.  He moved to developmental studies coordinator and technical English teacher as well as the co-operative education coordinator.  He has been an athletic coach at the  high school level for over 35 years.  He is carpenter/contractor as well. 

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